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Whether you are moving next door or to the other end of the country, GTI Trans can offer a simple, stress-free nationwide moving experience.

We have been moving homes for decades and understand that all of our customers have different needs. If you’re heading from a city apartment to a suburban house, or from the quiet countryside to the centre of London, GTI Trans it is solution.

GTI Trans also offers a range of insurance options meaning you can rest assured that all your valued items will be safe in our hands. Whether you need to insure your expensive items during the packing process or need to ensure everything is covered for a move abroad, GTI Trans can help.

Our highly trained removers will pack your goods professionally, so our packing service can help keep your household goods protected during your move.

Why choose GTI Trans?

Delivering Convenient And Stress-Free Removal Services, To Give Our Customers A More Reliable And Satisfactory Experience.

Free home survey

Every home is different and therefore every removal needs to be tailored. We offer a free home survey. Remove the stress, time and cost from finding reliable home removals services.

Affordable pricing

GTI Trans provides friendly prices because we believe in customer satisfaction. Just by providing a few info and get the job booked. We provide a bespoke service - from packing to extra helpers.

Removals insurance

Our excellent track record is trusted by customers all over the world, but to give you peace of mind, we can include comprehensive removals insurance in our packages.


Removal companies have the right vehicles to transport your items, either in a van or large lorry. Movers will transfer your valuables properly and quickly.

Packing service

Our professionally trained team can pack and unpack as much or as little of your home as you want. We can handle everything from antiques to heavy furniture.

Speciality items

If you have special items that require extra care when transporting, house movers provide proper equipment from transport.

House moving tips

The health and safety recommendations state that a box shouldn’t exceed 20 kg to be lifted and stacked without a problem. However, if it’s bigger, one should be marked as “HEAVY” and used as a base when placed in the truck or van. It is advisable not to stack more than 5 or 6 crates to preserve their integrity and protect the bottom ones from being smashed. That is why a good mover will load the vehicle with a mix of furniture and boxes and avoid making a row only with crates.

There are many types of boxes you can use for your clothes and items. Use stretch wrap to protect your furniture, for the more valuable pieces you can add a layer of bubble wrap as well. Everything should be labelled accordingly. If you are dismantling something, put the smaller elements in ziplock bags and use tape to secure them on the bigger pieces. This way you won’t lose them and will know from where exactly the bolts and nuts came.